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Protect Yourself


There is a Solution to the dangers posed by WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular and 5G radiation! 


Given the severity of the very real danger posed by the electromagnetic pollution our devices and the towers cause, I believe that the time to act is NOW.

The Solution I mentioned is Unified Field Coherence Technology called Light Rhythms Concerto TM which provides protection from our exposure to the ever-increasing number of natural and man-made EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) we are exposed to 24/7.


Unified Field Technology makes use of silent, invisible, discreet and extremely efficient technology to change the random, chaotic motion of electrons that surround all electrical devices and saturates your personal environment into an orderly and coherent field or pattern that is in harmony with the natural electrical field and frequencies of the human and animal body and mind. 


The effectiveness of this technology is such that it essentially neutralizes the many proven health hazards associated with our daily exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields.


Since the introduction of this remarkable technology, back in 1985, thousands of users are reporting relief from the stress of EMF exposure and a wide range of physical and mental and emotional symptoms including:


  * Clearer and more effective communication abilities

  * Improved creativity

  * More profound meditation


  * Increased productivity, concentration and energy


  * Drastically reduced levels of stress


  * Increased sense of well-being


  * Easier, more restful, less-interrupted sleep

  * Improved, friendlier personal interaction with others


  * Relief from the imbalances associated with ‘sick building syndrome'


  * Relief from the persistent annoying subtle noise and ringing tinnitus type sounds associated with sustained bombardment of chaotic electromagnetic fields


  * Stabilizing and balancing the energy flow of any electrical circuit


  * Clearer television, computer, tablet and cell phone screens due to the negating effects on unseen electromagnetic interference

  * Increased ability to use screens without eye strain and eye fatigue

  * Clearer, crisper sound from all types of sound systems and speakers


  * Protection from natural Geopathic Radiation (earth stresses)


  * A profound sense of well-being within just a few hours

  * When used in electric and motorized vehicles, Concerto users notice increased gas mileage, improved engine performance, quieter diesel engine noise, and an overall sense of increased awareness and alertness when using or riding in the vehicle.

** How These Incredible Products Work **


Frequencies manifest themselves in wave form patterns. Light Rhythms Technology works on the principle of Unified Field Theory to create organization and conformity within a system, thereby enhancing performance, creating stability and coherence. Evidence of these effects can be demonstrated in crisper, clearer sound resolution on all audio and sound systems, including but not limited to headphones, earbuds, wireless and wired speaker systems, superior television screen resolution, higher energy and productivity levels in people as well as greater mental health. It does not modify a system itself, it modulates electromagnetic fields within its radius thereby creating order and coherence where chaos once saturated an area. 


As a wave form occurs, it climbs to higher levels of excitation, becoming subject to friction; encountering distortion by colliding with objects and other wave forms and ultimately losing energy and information. In other words, the wave form frequency becomes chaotic. The  chaos in the world of electronics is called "noise." Undetectable by human ears, this noise is what causes the undesirable distortion of frequencies. In the Natural World, this chaotic frequency is responsible for much of our mental, emotional and physical disharmony or dis-ease. 

By exposing a wave form (frequency)  to a sustained resonance of order (organization), Light Rhythms Concerto TM  organizes the wave form at its source, causing a realignment of each level of excitation and brings it into harmony with its source frequency. This established coherency and better conductivity in the wave form's performance.

The operation of this highly proprietary equipment is based upon the discoveries of new principles in Coherence and Unified Field Theory. 


It is important to note that these devices do not ‘block’ or ‘eliminate’ electrical fields themselves. Any technology attempting to do that would be impractical, particularly given the extraordinary reliance of modern society on electric and electronic technologies and given the fact that there are also many naturally-occurring electromagnetic fields that are a part of natural earth phenomena.


Rather than dealing with the magnitude and intensity of the ever increasing number of man-made electromagnetic fields emanating from all of our modern devices, the Unified Field Units address and affect the ‘quality’ of those fields by eliminating the field’s incoherence, thereby creating what is best visualized as a bubble of protection and safety from the potentially damaging effects of the electromagnetic incoherence in the surrounding environment. 


Order out of Chaos


To neutralize field incoherence, the units function by neutralizing fundamental disorders in material structures at the subatomic level, by exposing it to a sustained resonance of a high degree of order. Sustained Resonance means that the subatomic structures vibrate or oscillate at a frequency that is natural to them. As a result, the efficiency and performance of the material structures improve and thereby alleviate otherwise negative side effects experienced by biological beings such as humans, animals and plants. 


This was first employed in office buildings where people were exposed to multiple electromagnetic fields, for example. People who were otherwise always agitated, feeling run down or depleted energetically, sick, suffering from stinging eyes from too much screen time or feeling unable to concentrate or be creative reported that they were not experiencing those aforementioned symptoms as soon as the Unified Field started operating. 


In the case of electricity, the Unified Field Technology “coaxes” the random motion of electrons and protons to move from a random, chaotic state to a more coherent state. Consequently, the electrons do not become subject to random field effects, and can sustain the flow of information at the quantum level. This improves the performance of all electronic devices and the 'quality' of the living and working environments in the affected areas. The end result is the counteraction of the otherwise negative effects of the electromagnetic radiation normally produced by all electrically powered devices including power lines, wiring systems in homes and offices, appliances, and electronic equipment such as televisions, copiers, desk top computers, laptops, tablets, WiFi devices, routers, Cable boxes, etc.


Completely Safe

Extensive testing has shown conclusively that the use of Light Rhythym Concerto TM units have no negative effects whatsoever on even the most sensitive electronic equipment, including those plugged into the same power outlet. While normal precautions associated with the use of any electrical device apply, they are safe to use in all conventional home and work environments. 


Best of all, there are no negative side effects on human, animal or plant life, but there are instead, many positive effects being reported on the general state of mind, emotional and mental states and a broad increase in a genuine feeling of wellness.

Visualize yourself living in an apartment building, surrounded by the overlapping electromagnetic fields emanating from the cell phones of every single individual living above, below and to the sides of you. Consider the active cell phones, tablets and WiFi routers in the adjacent apartments and the cell towers and power lines above the complex, and the wiring inside all of those apartments. We are saturated and irradiated by this invisible menace without the slightest inkling that the root cause of many of our problems is due to electromagnetic pollution.


Think about the effect that the smart meters, smart TV’s, smart appliances, wireless earbuds, speakers, baby-monitors and more are all having on you and your loved ones when they are completely saturating you 24/7. 

We all know that holding a cell phone next to our ear is a bad idea. So, why are we wearing wireless earbuds directly inside our ears?

We all think about these things but we shrug our shoulders and say, "What can I do about it?"


Now visualize your own sphere or bubble of protection where all of the electromagnetic radiation cast off from all the devices around you is coaxed into an orderly coherent flow so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about the dangers associated with them.

It can’t get any simpler than that. It’s plug and play Technology with no moving parts. 


It can even be plugged into the cigarette lighter of your car using an adapter (sold separately) so you can travel inside your own field of coherence.


When you need to travel outside of your home or inside your vehicle, the Light Rhythms Concerto TM works quietly and effectively harmonizing the wave form frequencies emitted by the ever-increasing numbers of cell phones and tablets, power lines, cell towers, and highly charged fields that occur from man-made industrial centers. Once the unit is plugged in, it is ready for immediate use. Simply turn the power switch on. With the integrated re-chargeable lead-acid battery (included), you can unplug the power supply and enjoy your own field of coherency wherever you go for up to 36 hours of convenient portability. Traveling? No problem. It's also easily adaptable for use in Europe, Australia, Japan and other countries.

The Light Rhythms Concerto TM will cover an area up to 4,000 square feet within minutes.

Simply plug the unit into any electrical outlet and turn on the power switch. 

The Concerto MSRP is $549, but due to potential dangers involved with EMF/EMR and especially with the implementation of 5G WiGig systems, I am pleased to make it available to you while supplies last for only:


$499 per unit with 

Free Domestic and International Shipping & Handling

Don't Delay. Protect Yourself Today!



These units are made to order in Washington State.

Because I am a personal friend of this outstanding, men and women in this state of the art facility, I am proud to put my name behind these products. 

There is a 1 year warranty on these units.

McLeod Metaphysics offer no guarantees (except as specified by the manufacturer) on the efficacy of apparent claims. This product is not designed to diagnose, treat, alleviate or cure any illness, symptom, syndrome or disease though, as users have reported in their testimonials, an improvement in many conditions which could be related to exposure of electromagnetic radiation as well as a general feeling of wellness have and do occur.