Jason McLeod

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Jason McLeod was born in 1968 in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Ever since he was a little boy, the subject of death had always fascinated him,not from a morbid, dark standpoint, but from a deeply-rooted knowing that the physical body was simply a temporary vessel that the immortal spirit animated to experience an earthly life.


He wholeheartedly believed then, as he does now, that the infinite Soul that animates the body is what gives it life and personality. He is sure that the immortal consciousness that animates the body is what we miss when it disembarks back into the Realm of Spirit and leaves those still in their mortal instruments behind to grieve. It is called a ‘passing away’ for a reason, for we literally pass away from the sunlit majesty of the physical world into the realm of the spiritual world. 


McLeod has worked for and with a wide range of incredibly-talented and effective psychics, demonologists, mediums, metaphysicians, intuitives, musicians, energy healers, naturopathic physicians, doctors, chiropractors, pranic healers, reiki masters, sages, soothsayers, visionaries, cryptozoologists, shamans, scientists and investigators.


Through sheer synchronicity, his desire to learn all there was to know about the hidden, esoteric world led him to the home of the legendary, late Ed & Lorraine Warren in 1990 where he was invited to join the Northeast Society for Psychic Research and begin his paranormal investigation career under the careful guidance of the couple who quickly became his personal friends and  mentors. 


While working for and with The Warrens, McLeod wrote the newspaper column 'Hauntings' for the Sacred Heart University Spectrum Newspaper that revealed to details of the cases he was working on to the fascinated student population and faculty.


Following his transfer to Eastern Washington State University in Cheney to earn his Bachelors in English / Creative Writing, while he was serving as President of the Washington Gamma Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon National Fraternity, McLeod received an urgent telephone call from Lorraine Warren asking him to investigate a case in nearby Rathdrum, Idaho on their behalf, a case that will soon be published as Rage in Rathdrum, McLeod's fifth novel and the third in the critically acclaimed Dark Siege Series.


While working that case, McLeod met a pair of incredible psychics, Barbara Doede and Valerie Crisp and a brilliant, cutting-edge scientist, the late Bruce Tainio. When the catholic method of expelling spirits faltered, it was this outstanding trio who taught McLeod to  expand his awareness, access his innate psychic powers and perfectly blend  what he had learned from the Warrens with the profound spirituality he had learned to appreciate from this powerful trio. From that point forward, the four of them worked on several cases together and the meetings, conversations, meditations, metaphysical, spiritual and scientific experiments were the stuff of legend.

When word spread of McLeod's adventures, he was asked to continue his 'Hauntings' column for the Eastern Washington University Easterner Newspaper. Soon after, the University arranged to fly Ed and Lorraine Warren out to conduct their college lecture and to investigate local hot spots of paranormal activity on campus and in Spokane with McLeod alongside them.


McLeod quickly formed the Northwest Society for Paranormal Research on campus and taught weekly classes to intrigued students and seekers of knowledge in the greater Spokane area. His new friends, and many others frequently participated as guest speakers.

Following an encounter with beings not of this world, McLeod suddenly began to tap into his psychic powers at far greater levels than ever before. He began to see auras, engage in automatic writing, channeling, visiting the Akashic Records and intuiting things beyond the ability of average humans to believe without operating from a state of expanded awareness and unity consciousness. When he was brought before a visionary, his purpose on this planet was made abundantly clear. He was here to raise the vibration of the world assist humanity and all life in preparation for the Ascension Wave at the end of the great galactic cycle.

Eager to be of Service, McLeod placed an ad in the local newspaper in an effort to make himself available to anyone experiencing unexplained paranormal activity.


He became inundated with hand-written letters from people experiencing their own haunting phenomena, and upon arriving at their homes, he began to intuit the private details behind the reasons that certain earthbound human spirits he was called in to help had not completed the proper death transition. 


He became what is known as an 'Intuitive Empath,' capable of expanding his awareness to enable him to help facilitate communication between the physical world that we can see and touch and the intangible world of energy and spirit. He did this by receiving feelings, emotions and even messages from those who have withdrawn from their physical bodies and relayed them to the people who were closest to them during their most recent physical incarnation or 'lifetime.' He assisted people by allaying any fear that they might have had about embarking upon the proper transition out of embodiment, and by gently guiding them to a comfortable, peaceful state where they could, if they so chose, cross over properly into the higher dimensions and ultimately — to return Home to the highest spiritual dimensions and the One Infinie Creator.

Due to the intense interest in his ad, McLeod formed the Northwest Society for Psychic Research on campus at EWU, formed a syllabus and taught weekly Tuesday evening classes in the PUB building to intrigued students and the general population in Cheney, Spokane and beyond. 


Simultaneously, McLeod spent much of his free time with the awe-inspiring scientist Bruce Tainio in his facilities, conducting experiments, writing advertisements for his many state-of-the-art facilities and studied authentic hand-written notebooks by the legendary scientist Royal Raymond Rife. 


He also spent a great deal of time with Barbara in her Crystal Store and with Valerie, learing and putting his new skills to use to help others.

Jason McLeod has always known that he came here to do something very important to help people. He knew then as he does now, with ever-increasing certainty that he is intricately and permanently connected to the One Infinite Creator and to all of Creation itself. He understands that all things everywhere are a part of a flawless, perfect, intelligent design. He knows that to truly connect to this marvelous Quantum Field, all one has to do expand their awareness outside of the limited perceptions of the physical body by quieting the mind and by then reaching out with their feelings to truly find a deep connection to the Source of all that is. He teaches that every plant, animal and insect is an individuated aspect of the totality of the Creator of the Universe and all life within it. He likes to use the analogy of describing this Source as akin to the brilliant, glorious Sun radiating at the center of our Solar System and that all living things everywhere are individual sparks cast off from that Sun — sparks that make up the very core of our being. It is through this profound understanding that McLeod knows that no matter what happens to the temporary physical body, the spirit body is completely unaffected and perfectly unscathed and safe because the Creator is the ultimate power in the universe, and because we have that ‘God Spark’ within us, we are always protected and  always filled with, fueled by and could always rely on that great power. Because the Creator is infinite and immortal, so too are its offspring, individuated fragments of Source called 'Souls.' Jason teaches that God is Life and Life is God. God is everywhere life is to be found. And wherever life is found, God is present.

McLeod had always been fascinated by spirits and the spirit world. He had also been captivated by ghost stories and in the supernatural and had spent hundreds of hours in the middle school and high school libraries, examining film strips, listening to audio cassettes, reading books and delving into the lost or hidden secrets of the world.

Few things in life have been as gratifying and satisfying to McLeod as helping families by acting as an intermediary or messenger to help those in bodies interact with their disembodied loved ones. It enables a profound healing and sense of closure to take place, a lasting resolution so that everyone involved can go on in peace. It affords a level of understanding about the unseen world around us and fills us with hope of a better world beyond the one we had previously known, beyond the limited ability of the human body's faculties to perceive.

McLeod has studied Naturopathic Wellness and Holistic Medicine for decades, always researching and relaying important information for the purposes of helping everyone live fuller, healthier lives.

Today, McLeod conducts engaging presentations on the fascinating subjects of spirituality, consciousness, quantum physics, meditation, metaphysics, demonology and paranormal investigation on radio blog broadcasts, and at paranormal conventions, spirituality expositions, libraries, lecture halls and on radio and television stations throughout the world.

He feels that it is his life purpose to assist mankind by helping them remember their true Divine Nature and by gently guiding them home to their Creator once their physical 'lifetime' is complete.


McLeod went on to learn Reiki Healing and graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 1998, the first nationally-accredited massage school in the country. 


He also learned Pranic Healing, Shiatsu, Accuprresure, and Life Force Healing.

Today, he studies Naturopathic Wellness and Holistic Health both alone and with Naturopathic Physicians, Chiropractors and Healers of all types.