Light Rhythms Concerto TM Testimonials

"I bought the Concerto for my Cousin who has been an insomniac for years. After plugging this remarkable machine in, inside her bedroom, she slept soundly throughout the night and had incredible dreams. We were both elated but we wanted to make sure it worked again the next evening. To our great relief, my cousin has slept soundly each and every evening. I have since purchased 7 more Concertos for my family and loved ones! This machine is a godsend." Shoshana Avree 3/3/2020

“Experiments with your coherency machine show specific organization of electrical activity. Brain wave activity becomes more orderly. This correlates with the subjective experience and the proposed theory which means creativity, less stress, greater productivity and improved health.” Dr. N.L. Brain Research Institute Moscow, Russia.


“Based upon my test results, every computer, every car, and every home could benefit from one of these products. If nothing is done, three out of four families can expect to be struck by cancer. In my opinion, your product is an important part of a rational approach to prevention.” Dr. G.S. Hilo, HI


“In my opinion, the units tested are effective in stabilizing and balancing the vortices energy flow of any electrical circuit in which they are installed in an area in which electrical equipment and or electrical devices are in use.” R.R.P, S.D. PhD. San Diego, CA


“I noticed two things the first day I plugged in the power conditioner. The first thing is that it felt like a persistent, annoying noise had been turned off. The second thing I noticed is that my eyes were no longer tired at the end of the day.” J.S.P. National Institute of Standards and Technology Washington D.C.


“The minute I plugged it in, my computer screen seemed softer and clearer. It was like some kind of unseen interference dramatically disappeared. What I continued to experience is that things became easier while working at my computer. Things are clearer and my eyes focus more easily. I find myself working at my computer for hours straight, without strain. That has never happened before.” G.W. La Jolla, CA


“After plugging in the unit, I noticed a difference within a very few hours. I felt clearer, calmer, and more relaxed. It was similar to the feeling I had when I stopped drinking coffee, once I got over the withdrawals. The effects of using the system include subtle and subjective things like feeling better, being less tired, enjoying a sense of improved health. These are real and desirable benefits.” R.P. Computer Programmer Vienna, VA.


“As a sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS), I have discovered over the years, a sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. Symptoms such as fatigue, muscle pain, and weakness have usually increased with the use of my electric typewriter and stereo unit. After using your U.T. unit for only a few days, I found my physical symptoms decrease considerably. I no longer feel the oppression of fatigue at my typewriter, and I find greater enjoyment from my stereo system: my favorite classics come across with noticeable more clarity!” C.L. Phoenix, AZ


“I have always fallen asleep within a half-hour of taking a trip if someone else was driving. If I was driving, I could only do so for a few hours. I would be sleepy and I would have to pull off the road to sleep or give the wheel to someone else in the car. This past Christmas after my U.T. machine was in my car, my daughter and I took a trip to Key West. It was a 4 ½ hour drive and I drove the entire way. I was not even tired when we arrived. I was full of energy and we proceeded to walk and sight see for the remainder of the day and into the evening. For me, that was a miracle!” P.G. Clearwater, FL


“I had an idea for quite a while that electromagnetic radiation harms biological life such as ourselves. I have studied the effects of radio signal transmitters on flesh, in my hobby as a ham radio operator for years here or there and I have studied electronics publications extensively. However, I really did not know the full extent of it. I had considerably difficulty getting out of bed in the morning due to my hypoglycemia condition before I purchased three of your coherency units. But now, regardless of how late I get to bed, I still get up every morning with renewed vigor.” A.M. New Jersey


“It is my pleasure to relate my experience with your most outstanding product. I have multiple sclerosis which becomes more accelerated for many different reasons. My homeopathic physician, Dr. H.L.S. advised me to install the UF Machine product after he determined my home was filled with Electrical Geopathic Radiation stress due to the water table beneath my home. Within a short period of time, my symptoms DISAPPEARED! I also have a unit in my car!  I am so pleased with my new lease on life. Thank you!” S.J. Winter Park, FL.

“I just bought a new car and I had been experiencing discomfort in my eyes whenever I was in the car. I felt like I was in a sick building where chemicals and bacteria are present. Anyway, a few days after I installed your unit in the car, the discomfort stopped and I have been enjoying my car ever since. I guess all that modern circuitry under the dash and hood really does create a lot of chaos.” A.S. Silver Springs, MD.

“In January of 1993, we had twenty-four people working a five-thousand square foot office with six computers, thirteen terminals, six printers, and six fax lines. It was almost impossible to think straight and the level of tension and stress in the atmosphere was growing daily. After we installed your device, I I must admit I was a bit skeptical upon hearing of this product, the results were amazing! Everyone settled down. The feeling in the air was clean and coherent and the people were once again able to do their jobs easily and in a comfortable fashion. I was so impressed with your product that I immediately had you install a larger unit on my property. We all appreciate the little black box that you said would have tremendous beneficial results for us. It really has!” E.K. Fairfield, IA.


“I have become aware that I suffer from the effects of electromagnetic radiation. I live on the tenth floor of a condominium complex, drive to and from work with an on-board computer, work in an office with multiple computer terminals and an x-ray machine and satellite dish outside the building. My health is good, but I was burdened with constant fatigue. After using the Concerto home machine and one in my car, I have experienced noticeable results. Prior to using these, when I would read at home, I would fall asleep after a chapter. Recently, I completed a four-hundred page book without falling asleep. I travel only forty-five minutes to work. Even though I may have had six to eight hours sleep the night before, I would be very tired by the time I would arrive. I was told that the fatigue may be the result of the onboard computer in my car. The addition of the Concerto Unit in the car has solved my morning fatigue issue. I am thoroughly pleased with these units and I recommend them to anyone who, like me, may be suffering from the effects of electromagnetic radiation or to anyone who lives or works where they may be overly exposed to electromagnetic radiation. How can we escape it? It’s everywhere! It’s good to know I can be rendered immune to its effects wherever I choose to be.” Dr. R.L.B Tampa, FL


“I have been using UF Technology for over a year and a half. It was been a boon to my wife and myself plus over one hundred different chiropractic patients for whom it has been a life saver in many cases. I have been studying the effect of both Geopathic Radiation (earth stresses) and man-made electromagnetic smog for the past five years. The consequences to people are extremely subtle and in so many situations quite catastrophic to their well-being. It is most difficult for a person to understand the phenomena, in most cases the symptom picture develops slowly and a person tends to rationalize the events, saying to themselves, “I guess I have to expect these conditions, after all, I am getting older.”

The UF Technology has solved some of the most baffling problems that patients have been presenting to me. When indicated, those units have proved their mettle. The patient informs me that within a short period of time after plugging in the units that a sense of “Great well-being” has returned to their lives and in most cases, a gradual return to health has  occurred rather than a degradation they expect with old age.” Dr. H.L.S. D.C. Denton, FL


“I don’t know how exactly your unit works, but I can judge its effectiveness based upon all the computer work I do. My eyes do weird things. I get headaches and have to take many breaks. Now, since I’ve been working on my computer with your unit on, it definitely does make a difference. The space is so clear and clean. I enjoy working on my computer now. In fact, I work on it for far too long now. I have to watch the clock better.” D.F. Publisher Clearwater, FL


“In my practice which traditionally is one of a stressful nature for my patients, the effects of your machin is very beneficial. Patients are less anxious and more relaxed. My staff works better together and I personally feel less fatigued and tense at the end of the day. Many patients comment on how our dental office has the most relaxed atmosphere they’ve ever experienced (for a dental office). The UF units have been a great boon to my business. I would highly recommend them to any business, especially those of an intense and stressful nature.” R.Y. D.D.S. Dentist Iowa


“After just a few days after installing your units, I began to notice some very dramatic benefits with regard to the general rapport of my employees. It seemed that everyone was enjoying themselves more and having more fun during working hours. In fact, one of my senior waiters has shown a dramatic change. He went from complaining all the time to someone who started smiling and cooperating more. Most incredibly, I have noticed that during peak hours when customers wait on average an hour for a table, I have noticed a complete absence of the mounting aggravation and impatience exhibited by the customers as if the chaotic feeling of impending crisis had been gently moved away and in its stead, a prevailing sense of calm and contentment saturates the entire restaurant.” Source desires confidentiality