Renegade of Light Volume 1

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Danny Phelps is counting the five grand he just bullied off some low-level drug slingers when a strange beggar appears out of nowhere and asks for a handout. After telling the bum to buzz off, Phelps is shaken to his core by visions of a mysterious underground base where seven-foot-tall reptilians are torturing and murdering a young woman and terrorizing caged kids.


When Phelps flashes back to his young brother’s dead eyes. It tears his guts up all over again.


The enigmatic man keeps appearing in different guises. He reveals that the Galactic Federation has been preparing humanity and all life on earth for its imminent liberation. And Danny Phelps has been chosen to be mankind’s leader against the Draco Empire who have conquered the earth in ages past.


Phelps enters multi-dimensional realities, from a utopian world of beauty and harmony where he meets his soulmate; to spooky woods where children are raped and sacrificed to harvest their life force energy. To help him in his quest, Phelps comes to understand that the Galactic Federation is mutating his DNA. Slowly, Phelps’ senses, speed, strength, and intellect expand to unimaginable levels.


Danny Phelps sees he has a chance for redemption. First, he has to uncover the horrifying truths about human history and the nature of evil. Then confront the mind-bending secret of the enigmatic man’s identity. And finally, he has to become the Renegade of Light, enter the fourth-dimension and destroy the Draco Empire enslaving mankind. Or die trying.


Renegade of Light is a reality-based work of science fiction that takes the reader on a metaphysical journey, where mankind’s fate rests on one man’s redemption.


If the Twilight Zone and Star Trek had drunken sex, this would be their love child.

Fans of both will find this book irresistible.


Renegade of Light Volume 1