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While attending Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, Jason McLeod was asked to write a weekly column detailing his work with Ed and Lorraine Warren. 

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Jason found an outstanding English / Creative Writing College, so he transferred out to Eastern Washington University in Cheney Washington, a suburb of Spokane. He joined Sigma Phi Epsilon National Fraternity when it was only a colony. Once it was officially updated to Washington State's third Chapter, he cemented his status as a Founding Father of the Chapter and through a landslide election, he was the First Chapter President. For the time being, he put his paranormal investion on hold, but that wouldn't last long...

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In the Spring, Jason received an urgent telephone call from his friend and mentor, Lorraine Warren asking him to investigate a case in nearby Rathdrum, Idaho as the lead investigator on the Warren's behalf. McLeod was elated. When word spread, McLeod was asked to write his 'Hauntings' Column for the Easterner Newspaper so students and faculty alike could learn about the nature of his work and exploits alongside the legendary Ed and Lorraine Warren.

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